Good Tidings: Presented by Me, Myself, and I

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Present me: Thanks for meeting me for coffee.

10-years ago me: I don’t drink coffee.

Present me: Oh yeah…well here try some.

10-years ago me: Sure why not, it’s not like you’re some stranger I’m meeting from the internet. *Sip* *Gag* Gross…why do people drink this?

Present me: Here add a little sugar and cream. Actually, let’s add some more sugar on top of that. What the hell, you’re gunna be fat soon enough anyway.

10-years ago me: What?

Present me: Nothing, nothing…

10-years ago me: Okay this tastes better.

Present me: Yes, yes. The sooner you fall prey the better…

10-years ago me: You’re kinda creepy you know.

Present me: Yeah, well, things happen.

10-years ago me: What kind of things?

Present me: What kind of things do you think?

10-years ago me: Isn’t it rude to answer a question with a question?

Present me: Isn’t that answering a question with a question?

10-years ago me: Touché.

Present me: Exactly, I’m older than you, which means I’m wittier, and thus better at being a smart-ass.

10-years ago me: *Rolls eyes*

Present me: *Rolls eyes back*

10-years ago me: *Groans* WTF.

Present me: Annoying huh?

10-years ago me: Yeah, yeah whatever…

Present me: Okay so back to the conversation at hand. I’m supposed to be talking with you about some important stuff.

10-years ago me: Really?

Present me: Duh… Do you see anyone else around talking to their future and past selves?

10-years ago me: Technically if you add up the future and the past, the selves are in the present.

Present me: Okay that sounds like some freaky, convoluted math, so I’m going to stop you right there… Definitely not your thing.

10-years ago me: What is my thing?

Present me: Well that’s the challenging thing we need to talk about. You’re going to spend the next, oh, about 8 years, trying to figure it out. Recently you decided your thing should be writing.

10-years ago me: Really? With the way you can’t figure out what the hell is going on with the first person and second person, I’d never have guessed. Seriously…

Present me: Yeah, well, I’m new to this. Plus it’s hard when your first dialogue is with yourself. Technically I equals me equals you and if you add them they are we, but they also are already equal to we.

10-years ago me: Wow…I can see why math is not our thing.

Present me: See now you are getting it. What’s mine is yours is ours.

10-years ago me: Well in that case, I’ll just finish off your, I mean my, cup of coffee.

Present me: Okay, I think that’s about enough of that lesson for one day.

10-years ago me: Or ever.

Present me: *Rolls eyes*

10-years ago me: *Rolls eyes back*

Present me: Damn it.

10-years ago me: I’m a quick study. Earlier you said you were a witty smart-ass. So thanks to your lesson, if you are a witty smart-ass, I am witty smart-ass.

Present me: Moving on… So the most rewarding thing you’ll probably do is go back to school.

10-years ago me: But I’m in school.

Present me: Well, you’ll go back.

10-years ago me: How the hell is that rewarding?

Present me: You’ll even have 2 people call you a nerd.

10-years ago me: Oh my gosh…

Present me: And you’ll like it…

10-years ago me: *Fans self* Oh my gosh, I think I’m having a panic attack…

Present me: Yeah, better get used to those.

10-years ago me: What? Shouldn’t you call a doctor or something? Seriously, Google these symptoms at least.

Present me: Yeah, you’re not going to want to start doing that…

10-years ago me: Why?

Present me: Well, over the course of the next several years you’ll self-diagnose yourself with, among other things, kidney failure, a heart attack, and cancer.

10-years ago me: What the hell is wrong with me?

Present me: Nothing, you’ll be fine. Just calm down. Repeat after me, school is fun.

10-years ago me: What? Are you my mother?

Present me: Ha! More and more everyday.

10-years ago me: *Shudders*

Present me: *Smiles* Okay, so as far as the most fun you have to look forward to, I have no idea…

10-years ago me: You mean you don’t have fun anymore?

Present me: Of course I have fun, its just too hard to pick one as the most fun out of all the fun.

10-years ago me: Okay, yeah I can see that.

Present me: You and I always find a way to have fun no matter what. Take this conversation for example.

10-years ago me: I’m having fun?

Present me: Correction, we’re having fun…

10-years ago me: Okay, well in that case, I think I’m about funned out. I’ve got better things to do.

Present me: No you don’t, you have no life.

10-years ago me: It’s creepy how you know that.

Present me: Like I said, things change.

10-years ago me: They certainly do.

Present me: Alright, well, see you ’round kid. I’ll be back to teach you some more life lessons I’m sure.

10-years ago me: *Rolls eyes*

Present me: *Rolls eyes back*

Nov 15, 2014
Good Tidings
Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

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